In each episode, we follow our group of filmmakers in Los Angeles, trying to make their first feature film amidst the chaos of the living cartoon known as Hollywood: Jason our writer and (self-professed) “heartthrob” lead actor, Lainey our straight-laced producer, Steven the visionary director, and Deuce the sound guy, who seems to live in his own universe.

The initial idea began in 2015 and stemmed from being part of many friends’ projects that never quite got off the ground, some for very typical reasons (MONEY!), and some for very, very odd reasons. In making kickstarter videos, pitch decks, and table reads, the comedy was found in the truth. The comedy is always in the truth.

“Really I just wanted to work with my friends and people I admired. It just so happens that they’re all extremely talented. I guess that’s a good thing.” – Michael Racanelli